• Do you know what your goals are?
  • Do you know how to achieve them?
  • Do you feel overloaded and don't know where to start?
  • Are you clear about your future direction?
  • Do you know how to change your current situation?
  • Are you content with all aspects of your life?
  • Can you prioritise and manage your time?
  • Are you lacking confidence, stressed or confused?
  • Do you want to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle?

Ask yourself: What is stopping you from moving forward and having the life you want?

The answer is simple: YOU!

When you feel ready to regain control and want to see a positive change to your life, then you are ready for life coaching.

The solution is within your grasp and there is a way ahead. Initially it involves two people:

YOU and your LIFE COACH.

With support and motivation, I will be the link between:

  • Thinking about ideas and actually doing them.
  • Confusion and a new clarity in direction.
  • Negative feelings and new, positive, inspired aspirations.
  • Low self esteem and feeling confident and empowered.
  • Uncertainty and a new, focused, determined approach to life.

I will do everything possible to facilitate your success, however you must want to take responsibility for your progress and be accountable for any actions you wish to take.

As a client, you have the capacity to solve your own problems but the solutions may be unknown. Coaching is the process of self awareness and self improvement to unlock that hidden, exciting potential.

Discover your answers and move a step closer to achieving your goals. Start to feel in control of your future and see the results you had always hoped for.

Make the first easy decision and CONTACT ME at Aim Hi Coaching for an initial COMPLIMENTARY consultation.


Belinda, Surrey

I was initially very sceptical about having a life coach and really didn’t think I needed one.How wrong was I!

Nikki made me see aspects of my life very differently and provided suggestions and valued support to improve my well being.  I would highly recommend Nikki for her patience, empathy and drive which has enabled me to focus on my values and aspirations.